With combined knowledge and experience of more than 77 years, Burden Swart & Botha Inc.’s attorneys have the skills and expertise to assist you with a variety of civil litigation services.

We can assist you to take legal action or we can represent you in order to defend your legal rights out of court as well as in court.

Our Litigation Department offers solutions on the following diverse civil matters:

  • Magistrate Court litigation;
    • Instituting of actions for arrear amounts due and damages suffered;
    • Acting on behalf of Estate Agents in respect of commission related disputes; and
    • Instituting action against the RAF for funeral expenses.
  • To defend legal actions;
    • Ex parte applications pertaining to the delivering and return of goods;
    • Insurance claims and related matters;
    • Interdicts in the Family Violence Court;
    • Maintenance matters; and
    • Evictions of illegal occupants;
  • High Court litigation;
    • Litigation in respect of contracts (commercial litigation);
    • Application for sequestration and liquidation for or against private persons and/or legal entities;
    • Voluntary surrender of estates;
    • Application for rehabilitation;
    • Application for interim access to properties;
    • Institution of action against the RAF for loss of support claims, loss of income, general damages (pain and suffering) and medical expenses;
    • Divorces;
    • Amendment of marital status;
    • Custody of children and miscellaneous family related matters; and
    • Late registration of marital contracts (post-nuptial contracts);


We understand how stressful civil litigation can be and offer our clients sound legal advice and support, from initiation of legal proceedings to trial hearings. We are also proactive and creative in conducting and resolving legal disputes in the best interests of our clients and we emphasise the need to assist our clients efficiently and expediently. Our Litigation Department serves our regular clients as well as those who exclusively seek our litigation capabilities. We are a full service department, with significant depth, covering all areas of litigation.

Client feedback

"We have full confidence in BSB Attorneys, as they take a real interest in our business, whilst being proactive and professional in their approach.

- Nico Fouche, CEO Milk South Africa"

"Lloyd & Marie

With this I would like to express my deepest appreciation for all you did for me – all the time, effort and research to complete the task the best you could. No words can explain my gratitude against the way you showed that I am in good hands – you took a trouble burden from my shoulders and helped me to handle this case to the best for my interest! I will gladly recommend you to other clients. Thank you again for making a bad experience a better one.

-Charmaine Bergh"

"Efficient, professional and highly effective! I have retained the services of Burden, Swart & Botha for numerous and various business and personal matters and each time it resulted in the answer or conclusion I required. There aren't many law firms where a senior partner is just an email or phone call away.

- Gustav Rischmüller"

...." few people are ever prepared for "Legal Battles". Fortunately my legal team was as invested in my case as I was.

-Barend Smith"

"Good Morning Bets, Thank you for the statement and your tenacious service.

-Deidre De Jongh"