Family Law

At Burden Swart & Botha Inc., we recognise the importance of providing you with caring, honest and effective legal services in the field of family law.

Our skilled attorneys understand the emotions and complexities that arise from the circumstances surrounding a divorce proceeding. By making use of our expert services you, our client, will receive legal representation of the highest order as well as the assurance that our attorneys will be sensitive to and understanding of your needs and the relevant proceedings, no matter how difficult the situation may seem.

We understand how stressful these situations can be and offer you sound legal advice and support, from initiation of legal proceedings to trial hearings. We are also proactive and creative in conducting and resolving legal disputes in the best interests of our clients and we emphasise the need to assist our clients efficiently and expediently.

Burden Swart & Botha Inc. also drafts ante nuptial contracts. All processes are handled expertly, caringly and swiftly, ensuring that you can enter this new chapter of your life, confident that your legal affairs are in order.

Take advantage of the following promotion:

  • Let us draft and register your ante nuptial contract and we’ll draft and update the last will and testament for the couple, at no extra cost.
  • When we attend to your divorce, we will draft an updated last will and testament for you, at no extra cost.