Holiday Season Legal “Need to Know” facts (Part 2)

Following our 1st blog in this two-part series, we will address the matter of what happens in the case of an accident, or crime that occurs while you are en route or at your holiday destination.


As any damage or loss to property or any criminal offence causes distress this is escalated when you are trying to enjoy your well-deserved holiday.


Firstly, our homes with our most prized possessions are left under lock and key when we pack our bag, car, caravan, and boat and hit the road. Whether we love the ocean or prefer the bushveld, the big city ‘exit’ is known to take place from around the 15th of December. Unfortunately, the “unwelcome visitors” to our homes are also familiar with the holiday season calendar.

Secondly, holiday destinations usually report increased crime numbers during the festive period.  News24 reported on the 1st of November that local authorities in Cape Town issued a warning urging residents and visitors alike to be alert and avoid becoming the victims of crime (Bantom, 2022)


According to STATSA’s publication of unemployment rates at the end of the second quarter of 2022, the unemployment rate in South Africa was 33.9% (STATS SA, 2022). It has been debated that during the holiday season, the crime rate tends to spike.  It is believed that the majority of these crimes tend to be opportunistic crimes.


All of this points to us having to just be vigilant and make safe choices. Various companies, especially security companies, provide prevention and safety tips.  Some very useful tips were provided by Security First Insurance in a publication titled, Holiday Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Tips (Security First Insurance, 2021) which included practical day-to-day tips.


When leaving your car, ensure that no valuables or tempting items are visible from outside the vehicle.  Ensure your car is locked by testing the doors and not relying on hearing the locking sound of your car.  Do not leave your car in a low light, quiet corner.  Do not carry your bag hanging over one shoulder, rather carry it around your body.


Other important tips included ensuring that you lock your holiday home at night.

  • Don’t leave anything unlocked, even in a small beach town.
  • Do not walk alone in remote, overgrown areas.
  • Do not wear expensive jewellery or take mobile phones to the beach with you.
  • Do not leave your bags unattended if you have anything you want to keep safe.


Should any crime or theft occur, you must report this to the closest SAPS station as soon as possible. This is not just vital when it comes to theft of your possessions, but any criminal or litigation or family law cases.    For more serious crimes, also consult your lawyer to ensure you follow the correct procedure and that your rights are protected, and that the correct procedures are followed.


During the festive season, Burden Swart and Botha Inc Attorneys will still respond to your urgent queries and concerns involving litigation matters. Contact us via email at or on 066 018 0860.






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