Who appoints the Conveyancing Attorney for the sale of immovable property?

When a property is being sold, it is the Conveyancing attorney’s responsibility to act in the best interest of the seller, therefore it is the seller’s prerogative to appoint the Transfer attorney.

Not all attorneys are conveyancers, before you decide to use an attorney, first visit their website to make sure that they will be able to render the service you need. Make sure they have enough experience and take note of accolades.

What are the responsibilities of the Conveyancing attorney?

  • The Conveyancer determines the progress of the transaction.
  • Facilitating and liaising with the attorney that is cancelling the existing bond.
  • Liaising with the new bond registration attorney.
  • The Conveyancer puts the whole process together and ensure that all are registered at the same time.
  • The Conveyancing attorney has to make sure that all rates, taxes and levies are paid up to date at registration.
  • During the process the Conveyancer must give clear and accurate feedback to all parties involved in the transaction.

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