On a daily basis, people sustain personal injuries from motor vehicle accidents within the borders South African. Some victims sustain bodily injuries, which can affect their daily activities or their capacity to earn an income in the future. Other victims lose the support of a breadwinner who has died because of a motor vehicle accident. Often, victims of these accidents do not know that they have a right to claim for damages or how to proceed with such a claim from the Road Accident Fund.

We have the required expertise to assist and support these victims by:

  • Establishing the validity of a claim;
  • Collating of all accident related documents to lodge a valid claim;
  • Lodging of a valid claim with the Road Accident Fund; and
  • Litigating for compensation of the following:
    • Past medical expenses;
    • Future medical expenses;
    • Past and future loss of income or loss support;
    • General damages; and
    • Funeral expenses.