You have made it in your career, you are a business owner. Have you however given any thought to what will happen to your business and family when you pass away? You need to ensure that you take the necessary steps to ensure the protection of your assets and family’s future.

We understand the effort, determination and hard work that goes into the running of a business and the personal sacrifices involved in doing so. Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste by ignoring the inevitable and failing to make provision for the future of your business and family.

Insurance and savings can alleviate many of your concerns, but even the most well-protected companies can be jeopardized if the owners’ personal affairs are not in order.

As a business, probably, a large amount of your wealth—and your family’s source of income after your death is invested in the breadwinners’ business. If no proper will is signed, the business and your family run a great risk of not being covered should you pass away.

It becomes critical for business owners to ensure their affairs are in order especially when the business grows and becomes a source of life for the owners’ dependents.

While insurance can cover unanticipated occurrences such as medical problems, only estate planning prepares your business for the worst-case circumstances.

We can help you eliminate the uncertainty by ensuring that your business and family are protected in the case of your death. You will be able to rest assured, knowing that not only your family, but your business will be taken care of financially. Ensuring that you have the last ‘say’ in respect of the handling of all your assets, business and caring for your family.

You can name an executor in your will to guarantee that the terms of your will are carried out. This should be someone you have complete faith in. Business owners entrust their executors with not just the well-being of their families, but also their livelihood.

Burden Swart & Botha Attorneys, will guide you, as well as your chosen executor, as an agent and ensure your plan is not only put to paper but enforced and swiftly taken care of once it is necessary to do so.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Drafting a Will can be uncomfortable so rather obtain the necessary assistance and receive instant security that extends beyond insurance and savings accounts.

Burden Swart & Botha Attorneys invites you to our offices for a consultation, where we will guide you in respect of the requirements and formalities pertaining to your Last Will and Testament and business, along with the drafting of a basic will, all free of charge.